October 20, 2013

Top Five in the World of Luxury Cruising!

Cruising around the planet is definitely one of the most common and the most attractive ways of traveling. It’s a way to explore the beauties of this amazing place called Earth, a unique method to relax your mind and to have beautiful moments spent with your loved ones. Being in the middle of the ocean does not mean just traveling. It also means having the ideal and necessary comfort. Nowadays, the cruise lines do not just offer sightseeing, but also provide luxurious and top service for its customers. These cruise lines can take you to many places and also will give you the comfort you need. Different kinds of services are provided on these quite luxurious cruisers that will take your breath away from the very time you’ll get on them.

# 5 The Disney Dream – this is the third ship from the famous Disney Cruise Line. It can accommodate 4,000 passengers and it has around 1,500 members of the crew. The ship is mainly designed to represent the spirit and accent the meaning of the family as number one. The ship is popular for having the world’s first water-coaster at open sea. Few restaurants, night clubs and pools for adults and children are part of this cool cruiser. There’s the famous Disney room intended for kid’s fun and entertainment. The whole concept of the ship is to enable the guests with comfort and joy. 

# 4 Norwegian Cruise Line’s Breakaway – it’s popular as a game changer in the cruise industry. The ship rewards its guests with concierge service, butlers, swimming pools, a playground for all those sport lovers, fitness and spa rooms, representing one small gated community. The Breakaway is estimated on 840 million American dollars and is the greatest ship to call New York its home port.

# 3 Norwegian epic – This is the name of the 1.2 billion American dollar beauty that can accommodate 4,100 passengers and has around 1,700 crew members. Equipped with the finest, this cruiser is popular for its theater hall, the creatively made and luxurious rooms and the partying area that has a huge led screen. Combined with a lovely pool the place is definitely the right one for all those who prefer the nights-only in very luxurious way. The cruiser also has smaller rooms for single travelers. 

# 2 Royal Caribbean’s: Oasis of the Seas – this cruiser is estimated at 1.4 billion American dollars and it’s known to be the mother of all ships from this type. It can accommodate 5,400 passengers and has around 2,200 cruise members. Night bars, swimming pools, luxury tents, few playgrounds, restaurants, shops and theme parks are included to provide the guests with the best.

# 1 Royal Caribbean’s: Allure of the Seas – this number one cruiser is estimated at 1.5 billion American dollars and is so huge that you can easily find yourself lost. That’s not a problem because each deck has touch screen guides with features like ‘what to do now’ that can help you find your way back. The concept is very unique: ‘Our guests must feel like they are at home.’ And trust us-it has a literal meaning.

Author: Betty M.

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