October 17, 2013

The Land of Infinite Culture Presents You Its Most Luxury Hotel: Welcome to Turkey and Mardan Palace!

This luxury and incredible hotel resort known as Mardan Palace and Villas is the best place to stay in Turkey. The place will take you to the dream of the beautiful Mediterranean Sea which is near and will welcome you with the comfort of its many facilities. The hotel area is part of the famous beach known as Lara Beach that is around 25 kilometers far from the Antalya City Center. 

The hotel has the highest standards of service and you will love this place. The entire area is a like a big and rich neighborhood attached with a longer bridge that hangs above the giant pool area, which is available for swimming and some private gatherings and parties.

The pool area is consisted of mini bars that enable the guests to enjoy the time spent near the water during the day and nights as well. Planted trees are part of the area, so you may get the feeling like being on an exclusive island, which is really nice to be seen.
If you have ever read or heard anything connected to the historical culture of Turkey, you will be able to feel the true spirit through the interior design of the hotel, mainly in the beautiful and comfortable bedrooms. Equipped with elements characteristic to the real Turkish taste, with shiny colors and silk materials, these bedrooms will give you the perfect rest you need.

Made in dark but romantic mood, the restaurant where you will be able to taste the perfect national cuisine and other famous world’s cuisines, has also got aquariums with different sorts of fish and interesting plants from the sea world. Their presence makes the ambient lively and smooth at the same time.

After the lovely dinner, you would love the time spent on the romantic bridge over the pool area. It’s lovely, especially at night, and it’s been created with a classical taste, that gives the impression like you are somewhere in those famous capitals with classical taste.

As many of the guests say, the Hotel spoils you with its opulent decor, gorgeous surroundings, and unique recreational activities: from a swimming reef to a Jack Nicklaus signature golf course.
Expensive glass chandeliers, rich colors and luxury fabrics are part of the space to create a high level of comfort.

Spa treatments are also included, and for all those film lovers there is a cinema where they can enjoy in late night premieres or for those who are more dynamic, there is also a dancing club, that has a high technology.

For the parents-they don’t have to be worried about their kids because there is a special kid’s bar with plenty of staff for entertainment. Other facilities that can be used are: tennis court, sauna, fitness center, solarium, games room, massage center, wellness and spa, Turkish bath, Hammam, Indoor swimming pool, Jacuzzi, meeting halls and plenty other. 

Whenever you decide to visit the land of an infinite culture, delicious food and welcoming people, this may be the right place for you and your loved ones.

Author: Betty M.

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