January 30, 2015

Kia Orana! Little Polynesian Resort

This resort has been designed with every opportunity to take advantage of its natural resources. The Ares are built right into the natural setting of palm trees and tropical foliage. Your veranda will open to a view of strikingly clear turquoise ocean, spellbinding waves and all perfectly framed with the lush green of palms overhead and completely around you.

January 22, 2015

Ferrari 458 Italia Speciale - Just pure driving pleasure, just Special(e)

“It is just a piece of metal,” replies Tom modestly on the question how much his new Ferrari means to him.

Tom fulfilled his dream, of which most people dream by buying his brand new Ferrari 458 Italia Speciale early this year. This super car is basically made for him, just sharp and fast and without unnecessary weight like radio and navigation. Just pure driving pleasure, just Special(e). As an everyday car or for a weekend getaway in the mountains, the Speciale is versatile and Tom never regretted the purchase of his bright knight. However, he is not a fan of modification. “In my opinion, a car has to look good and be good to drive without putting a hand on it and if that’s not the case then I won’t buy it.”

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