October 5, 2013

Amazing Cartier’s Collection - Magical and Imaginary Journey

Odyssée de Cartier – Parcours d’un Style is a high jewelry collection that is rooted in the very heart of Cartier's culture and expertise. Through the richness and diversity of colorful, sparkling stones, the creative journey is unlocked. A true odyssey that revisits Cartier's cherished inspirations, it presents the orchid, Tutti Frutti and Oriental motifs and the emblematic panther in a new perspective. This collection also marks Cartier's encounter with new worlds: the city with its pure, geometric lines; and the powerful and lavish realm of Africa.

‘L’Odyssée de Cartier’ riffs on Odysseus’s famous journey in Homer’s epic poem, with a modern twist. The collection represents “an inspired route winding its way to Africa via India, China and the Orient.”

In 1931 the brand first dabbled with African imagery creating their ‘Art Moderne’ bracelets for the Paris ‘Exposition Coloniale.’

Now they’ve revisited the African wilds with a new ‘Zebra’ bracelet, a traditional African bangle featuring bands of different-sized diamonds and onyx set in art-deco stripes, with a vivid garnet edge. Other pieces inspired by the continent include art brut and naïve tribal style necklaces.

There are also ‘Tutti Frutti’ styles inspired by traditional multicolored Indian ceremonial jewelry and voluminous pieces pairing intense fuchsia with diamonds and featuring serpentine elements.

Chinese-inspired pieces work diamonds and onyx into dragons and Zen garden shapes, with modern and minimalist bracelets using an abstract skyscraper motif to evoke the idea of the modern city.

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