October 29, 2013

Hotel Pacific, Bondi Beach Sydney

Pacific Bondi Beach Hotel in Sydney has been exceptionally renovated by Koichi Takada, Andrew Andersons, and Jonathan Richards. This hotel runs 95 high chic and classy apartments and 19 pent houses known as “lighthouse penthouses”.

We present you the magnificent view from this extremely comfortable woven furniture. The crystal clean ocean water is waving and invites you to dive into it and to explore the possibilities in the underwater world. The atmosphere at the hotel’s doc is just enough relaxed and peaceful as the water in front.  Plants are all over the hotel in and outside of the hotel, so they fulfill the whole image of the perfect surroundings while you are at the Bondi Beach Hotel in Sydney. 

The whole concept is guided of earth and wood high light motive. That way, the hotel is full of wooden decorative elements, wooden furniture and flooring so you feel like you are on some kind of sailing on this magnificent hotel - boat.  That is confirmed with the option given to the guests- to have outdoor meals.

The room interior is with the same earth tones combined with wooden decorative elements. Mirror decoration in the rooms makes them glamorous in a way that just makes a final touch to the whole earth concept.  

The sizable windows make the room floating in the magnificent ocean view and bring a lot of natural light into the space and into your inner peace too. 

The bathroom designs are also naturally arranged with bathtubs, rugs and a lot of natural light too. This place is intimate and classy at the same time, so bath relaxation is the thing you must do if you visit Bondi Beach Hotel in Sydney.

That way the vacation here is complete: relaxing atmosphere, welcoming stuff, irresistible beach, fascinating view, dinner at beach, friendly surroundings and a lot of romance…

Author: Betty M.

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