January 11, 2014

Cruising the seas on the Azimut 62S Italia

Italia is the name of this version of the Azimut 62S, dedicated to the 150th anniversary of Italian unification: the Avigliana yard also wanted to make its contribution to the celebrations surrounding this important moment of national history. It was a pleasure to build it and to play a small yet distinct part at such an important moment. 

The sporty models in the Azimut collection, which are denoted by the suffix S, are designed for people who love cruising and performance and for this reason can do without the large fly found on motoryachts. Only the larger models have a lightweight sport fly, an exterior steering gear with space for guests that has little impact on lines and weight. The compact, sporty, lightweight line is truly a must in the S collection.

The interiors have also been updated in order to bring them into line with the collection’s new decor. For instance, all furniture veneers are Zebrano wood, while colours are held in light, contrasting shades with the use of various magnolia-coloured saffiano leathers.

Azimut 62S ITALIA model for people who love performance and comfort with the same intensity. The Azimut 62S is a veritable revolution adding class and elegance to the experience of a sporting lifestyle. 

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