January 15, 2014

Al Mahara - Burj al-Arab (Dubai, United Arab Emirates)

Al Mahara, "The Oyster Shell' in Arabic, doesn't just tantalise your palate; it’s a dining experience that will stimulate all your senses. The stunning floor to ceiling aquarium inside the restaurant sets the scene for a meal where only the best will do. Sink into the soft seats and be mesmerised by the world of colorful sea life swimming beside your table, while our team of award-winning chefs prepare you something very special.

As the name (which translates to oyster) suggests, the dishes here are mainly seafood, though there is fusion with other meats and Asian flavours. The surroundings make you feel as if your food was plucked freshly out of the ocean. 

Attention to detail is something we particularly pride ourselves on at Al Mahara. Our selection of fine wines perfectly compliment the mouth-watering seafood, and you’ll enjoy only the freshest, most delicious ingredients in each and every one of our dishes.This underwater themed restaurant begins with a mock submarine ride from the reception to the dining area. Also adding, though not as enjoyable, is the cold air temperature. 

With a dinning experience as exciting as this, it is no wonder that this place was named one of the 50 best restaurants in the world.

xoxo LLD

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