January 17, 2014

Maharajas’ Express: A Luxury Train in India

Maharajas Express is the latest and most luxurious train in India. Offering 5 fascinating journeys crisscrossing some of the most vibrant destinations, significant attractions and offering a vista of breathtaking landscape, culture and heritage with which India is blessed; Maharajas Express offers journeys to the very depth of the soul of India in sheer opulence. A fascinating voyage across some of the finest destinations across India let you discover the true spirit of this incredible nation.

Designed to recreate the elegance and pageantry of the personal carriages of erstwhile maharajas, the interiors of this luxury train in India is suffused with nostalgia. Elegance of a bygone era and state of the art amenities coalesce seamlessly to offer 5 Star living in the quaint interiors of the Maharaja Express.

One of the most expensive and luxurious luxury train rides in the world, the salons of the Maharaja Express train draws inspiration from the private saloons of the erstwhile Maharajas of India. Even before the inception of rail traveling in India, Maharajahs of India had a keen fascination with these moving wonders on wheels invented by James Watt.

With world class amenities, exquisitely designed interiors, gastronomic dining and vibrant on board ambience, the train journeys are invariably suffused with romance, adventure and style. Chugging along some of the most scenic landscapes, most alluring cities and offering an insight of India like no other journey, Maharajas Express unravels the confounding Kaleidoscope of India bringing out the million images of tigers, snake charmers, spirituality, mountains, jungles, deserts, forts, palaces, dances, cuisines, romance and dreams. Welcome aboard for a rediscovery of India on a journey like no other on earth in a train like no other.

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