January 24, 2014

Best Wedding Locations in the World

Today I'll show you some of the most beautiful places for your wedding. Choosing the location for this event would seem a simple task, but it’s actually one that requires much planning and coordination, especially if a non-traditional ceremony is being planned. Here is some of the locations you can think about:

Bali, Indonesia

Bali is very popular with its exotic beach weddings and its authentic Indonesian culture, dancing and food. Besides the beauty of the island with many exotic beaches, Bali offers a wedding or a honeymoon that blend in with the strong local cultural heritage. There for Bali is the perfect destination for wedding.

The Bahamas

Bahamas weddings come in different styles and shapes, from beautiful outdoor locations on a hilltop with ocean views, to the traditional historical church to a private yacht to a unique world-renowned hotel. You are even allowed to get married underwater in Bahamas with all the fish surrounding you! So take you pick and tie the knot!

Hawaii, U.S.

Hawaii has many beaches and beautiful sites. It is one of the most popular locations to have a wedding because of its tropical islands, relaxing beaches, and gardens. There are a couple of islands to choose from such as the Big Island, Kauai, Maui, and Oahu to have your wedding ceremony or reception at.  The great thing about getting married in Hawaii is the abundance of wedding resources like hotels, planners, photographers, etc.  Additionally, you won’t need many decorations because of the  amount of natural beauty!

Bora Bora, Tahiti

Bora Bora can easily be described as the center of the romantic universe. With luxury resorts and spas and perfect white sandy beaches. It’s heard to be one of the most romantic islands in the world with dramatic scenery. Have the magical wedding you’ve always dreamed of with operatic sunsets above beautiful Bora Bora mountain peaks.

Rome, Italy

Rome is another wonderful destination for a romantic wedding. It’s a place for couples to make the eternal commitment of marriage. Therefore, people also named the city the Eternal City. Rome is surrounded by rich architectural masterpieces, beautiful chapels and churches as well as incredibly historically significant monuments; hence you can have your wedding photos shot anywhere.

Venice, Italy

Venice is located in the northern part of Italy. With its beautiful canals, gondolas and waterways, Venice becomes one of the most romantic wedding locations. It spells romance and it has the natural beauty. In Venice, there are so many wedding venues you can go for – such as Palazzo Cavalli, SS. Giovanni e Paolo and Venetian Palace. The charm of the city will definitely win your hearts over and this gives you lasting & romantic wedding memories.


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