December 27, 2013

Skywalking in the French Alps: Step Into The Glass Box Hanging Over of Europe's highest mountain peak!

Would you stand on the edge of the mountain? For a stunning view of the French Alps, simply ‘Step into the Void,’ which is the name of a transparent glass cube that simulates the sensation of stepping off a mountain cliff. Located atop the Aiguille du Midi, altitude 3842 meters, in the Mont Blanc Massif range, daredevils step into the glass box “Pas dans le Vide” suspended more than 1,000 meters off the valley floor for an unparalleled panoramic view of their snowy surroundings.

This crazy 'Step into the Void' installation is not for the faint of heart. Built on the uppermost terrace of Europe's highest mountain peak, Aiguille du Midi, a glass cube offers the most amazing and thrilling view of the French Alps. Visitors can step onto the cube's transparent floor and admire the magnificent mountain range from the height of 3,395 feet (1,035 meters). The brainchild of Pierre-Yves Chays, Into the Void, which opened just a few days ago, resembles the glass walkway overlooking the Grand Canyon in Arizona.

The mountain top glass box gives visitors a unique view from the top of the world!

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