December 17, 2013

Breathtaking Willow House

From everything regarding luxurious and beautiful residences that you’ve seen on the Internet, in pictures or movies, what would it be the home of your dreams ? Well, I’ve had a lot of these in my mind, always replacing the one and only at that time with another one that seemed to be even better and I’m currently in love with the Willow House, from Singapore. It was designed by Guz Architects and stands on a hilltop, enjoying some lovely views of the natural landscape. 

The vegetation is warmly welcomed inside, being an important part of the home, making it seem fresh and inviting, strongly resembling with an oasis. The house is extremely spacious, having a big amount of open spaces that are defined by their natural ornaments, looking beautiful and inspiring for everyone who appreciates nature for its splendid gifts.

Water is also an important element that joins the picture, enhancing the appearance even more. This unique house is dressed with an exquisite taste and surely leaves its guests simply amazed by its jaw dropping design.

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