December 19, 2013

Most Expensive Chocolate in the World

Chocolates.. One word which brings a smile on every face. From a kid to an adult everybody loves chocolates. It is the perfect gift for every occasion and also for situations where there is no occasion. If you want to say thank you, give a chocolate... If you want to say sorry give a chocolate that person. It can convey each feeling attached to it. 

Here are the top 5 of the most expensive chocolates!

5. Amedei Toscano Black Truffles in Swarovski Chocolate Box ~ $294

Created by Amedei, a company world renowned for making some of the most expensive chocolate in the world, this piece is a luxury product both in display and also at a taste level. As you probably know truffles are the most expensive food  so it’s no wonder you’ll find them inside. The box is decorated in Swarovski crystals to increase it’s appeal even more! So what do you get for your money? The answer is: 15 Amedei’s Toscano black truffles filled with champagne and topped with edible gold flakes and placed in a handmade box that would make anyone go crazy for chocolate!

4. Chocolates with Edible Gold ~ $508

On the number 4 position we find a company based in Switzerland called Delafee, that pride themselves in what is called the “Art of Gold”. In this case the product we’re referring to consists of the finest cocoas from Ecuador covered in edible gold! If you have the money, you can even skip the chocolate altogether and just buy a gram of edible gold!

3. Le Grand Louis XVI ~ $900

It was very unlikely not to see a French company in this list and they rank 3rd. Debauve & Gallais was established in the 1800 and they were the official supplier of chocolate for Napoleon and numerous French kings. One of their finest products is the Le Grand Louis XVI which goes for as much as $900. It is a high end type of dark chocolate which has it’s refined cocoa composition up to 99%.

2. Wispa Gold Chocolate ~ $1,628

The Wispa Gold is the most expensive chocolate bar in the world! It is covered in a specially designed leaf wrapper made of gold and also the chocolate bar has an outer layer of edible gold! With all that marketing and PR buzz Wispa Gold Chocolate still doesn’t rank on our first position!

1. Chocopologie Chocolate Truffle ~ $2,600

Chocopologie is considered to be the ultimate masterpiece when it comes to chocolate. It comes from Denmark and it’s made by a company called Fritz Knipschildt.  So what do you get for $2,600? You get 1 piece consisting of 70 percent Valrhona dark chocolate with vanilla at its base to which heavy cream, sugar and truffle oil have been added to create the ultimate chocolate experience! Although you can not buy this within any store, it is available for order!

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