December 6, 2013

Golden Key for Mercedes Benz from Selected Jewels

Here comes a golden key for your car which screams of exclusivity. Dubbed the Golden Key, it is designed to open the doors of your Mercedes Benz ride. It is made out of solid gold inset with 300 cut diamonds weighing 3.14 carat. It is presented by German-based firm Selected Jewels which specializes in the production and retail of exquisite jewelries. The key was created to highlight the harmony between the personality of the Golden Key and the car owner.

“My eye for beauty and aesthetics has made me an aficionado of these treasures, whose fascinating light and gracefulness are accentuated by the craftsmanship of a master. My keen sense for beauty and exclusivity is reflected in each of the carefully chosen items in the collection. My goal is to find the jewel that best fits and resonates with your unique and individual personality I’d be delighted to advise you in the choice of a treasure that will enrich your life,” said René Martin of Selected Jewels.

The Golden Key comes in variety of designs such as rose, white and yellow gold plus platinum and a full range of gemstones. It is made of the highest quality of wood and can be crafted to the desires of the owner. You can also have the key engraved.

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