December 23, 2013

Best-Dressed Christmas Windows in 2013

The festive spirit is in the air and also in the windows of New York’s biggest, luxurious and most visited department stores. Even if shopping for Christmas gifts is not on your agenda, you can step out to check out the marvelous window displays. We have rounded up this year’s most elaborate Christmas window displays which make an extravagant visual treat to passersby. 

Here’s New York’s best-dressed Christmas windows of 2013:

Louis Vuitton

This time instead of the reindeer, Santa is travelling throughout their stores worldwide via a sleigh pulled by a Louis Vuitton goose. At Louis Vuitton’s New York City outlet, the goose is also seen pulling the ribbon on a gift-wrapped package. Various windows have put up various holiday gift options on display too

Saks Fifth Avenue

Yeti is visiting Saks Fifth Avenue 2013 Holiday Windows. Captivating 3D light show is being projected onto New York flagship store’s exterior every evening (5 pm – 10 pm) throughout the holiday season.

Bergdorf Goodman

Bergdorf Goodman has unveiled ‘Holidays on Ice’ themed windows to celebrate Christmas this year on their Fifth Avenue store. The icy windows display most of the national holidays with a winter facelift for this season.

Ralph Lauren

Experience Ralph Lauren’s luxurious holiday windows at their 888 Madison Avenue store. They are decked with mannequins that reckon the glamorous world of Hollywood.

Barneys New York

Barney’s has pulled all stops to put up stunning interactive windows on their Madison Avenue store. The first window houses a faceted structured, covered with thousands of mirrors, representing a broken-away piece of the bedrock of New York City. The second window is made up into a theater which puts up shows of a floating version of New York City, all through the day.


Bloomingdale’s takes visitors around the world by unveiling windows that are prepped to symbolize various countries like Italy, Great Britain, China, France and of course the US too. Each window opens up the world of each country with their respective iconic monuments, showcasing gifts too.

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