February 23, 2013

Curacao - one of the Caribbean’s best-kept secrets

Curacao is an island in the Caribbean, 75 miles north coast of Venezuela. It is an island in the Netherlands Antilles , two island groups in the Caribbean Sea – one includes Curacao and Bonaire, north of Venezuela, the other is east of the Virgin Islands.

One of the most notable things about the island is ITS cultures. This Dutch island features the pastel colors and building styles you’d find in the Netherlands . However, the people of the island have Developed cultures, and even a language, of Their Own. Papiamentu (Often spelled Papiamento ) is the island’s native Creole .

The best part of exploring Curaçao is that it feels undiscovered, like an exclusive hideaway. Exquisite beaches and spectacular diving, stunning architecture, activities, and adventures for every interest -- plus multicultural diversity, intriguing music, art, and cuisine.

Escape to the Caribbean’s hidden treasure. Fall in love with Curacao’s world-class diving and beaches, invigorating outdoor adventure, and welcoming culture.

Divers and snorkelers never seem to be able to stop talking about the beauty of Curaçao's underwater world. Curacao snorkeling and diving encompass 40 different dive areas, which cover 65 individual sites. You can check all sites here Curacao Snorkeling And Diving .

Its a great island with very friendly people, so don’t be surprised if someone waves and tosses a friendly “Bon Bini!” (Welcome!) or “Kon ta bai?” (How’s it going?) your way.

For more info visit: www.curacao.com


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