February 3, 2013

The Al Qasr Hotel at Dubai’s Madinat Jumeirah Resort

If you were ever lucky enough to head to Dubai and taste ultimate degrees of exclusivity and luxury, your return home has probably started a longing to get back to the Emirates. But there’s also the wish to see something new, to visit different places than the ones you’ve already visited, let alone sleep in. Here’s one incredibly nice solution to the issue, dubbed the Al Qasr Hotel.


Located just half an hour away from Dubai International Airport, your arrival at the Al Qasr Hotel is looked at as a major event. “The Palace” was once a summer residence for the Sheik, and has now converted and furnished to serve as a relaxing getaway for the public.

Al Qasr Hotel Dubai 3

Al Qasr Hotel Dubai 4

Al Qasr Hotel Dubai 5

Al Qasr Hotel Dubai 6

Al Qasr Hotel Dubai 7

Al Qasr Hotel Dubai 8

Comprising a total of 292 rooms and suites, the Al Qasr includes Arabian or Ocean Deluxe Rooms, Arabian, Ocean, Presidential and Royal Suites. They will be entirely decorated to fit the tastes of everyone, from kids to adults, from discerning guests to lovers of peace and quiet.

Al Qasr Hotel Dubai 9

Al Qasr Hotel Dubai 10

In addition, the resort also features a water park, gorgeous beach, traditional souk, bars and worldwide-level restaurants, alongside plenty of shopping places. Nightly rates start at around $354 or AED 1,300.

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