February 28, 2013

VERSACE Home Collection

Versace Home, which began in 1992, comprises two distinct collection themes: a highly ornate line that draws inspiration from classical and baroque art, and a contemporary line that dabbles in conceptual furniture design. Versace’s emblem, the head of Medusa surrounded by Greek frieze, features heavily in the designs, particularly in the dining wares.


Born from a programe of collaboration with the great tradition of Rosenthal, superb decorative themes embellish the porcelain collections for the table: Medusa, Les Tresors de la Mer, Le Jardin de Versace. These ranges are complemented by crystal glasses, finely wrought silver cutlery, vases and supremely desirable ideas for gifts.


The collection is meant for people with a strong taste for details and decoration. Two parallel and apparently contrasting moods : classic and modern, offering a variety of sophisticated hints and inspirations for very contemporary homes. Warm tones of woods, golden laquers, soft lines and clean graphic shapes mixed to baroque volutes, gold, silver and stunning velvets and silks are the essence of a timeless collection.

 SALOME - Wood frame with handicarvings and handipainted. Polyurethane foam upholstery

 Salome White

  Salome Black
Vanity Candlehodler

 Vanity Tray

 Vanity Vase

THE NYMPH VASE - Etched in gold, the classic Versace Greek border pattern accentuates the shine of the white porcelain body. The upper half of the vase is finished with bright gold

Only 99 copies of each vase are available worldwide, each bearing a stamp with its production number.

If you happened to live in a Beirut and you would love to have some of these items in your home, you are lucky! Versace Home opened one of its flagship furniture and home accessory galleries in the Beirut.

“The Versace Home boutique will provide an avenue for those wishing to extend their love of the fashion brand to their home decor.” - See more at: http://www.dailystar.com.lb/Culture/Lifestyle/2013/Feb-21/207291-chic-furniture-versace-home-opens-in-beirut.ashx#axzz2M9NZvz38
The Versace Home boutique will provide an avenue for those wishing to extend their love of the fashion brand to their home décor.

Versace Home collection

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