July 11, 2013

Ticket to See the Real Titanic $60000

A lot of us have seen the epic Hollywood movie ‘Titanic’ which focuses more on the love story than the actual Titanic itself!  Nevertheless, this film bought this legendary cruiser back in public memory and also created a lot of buzz and excitement.  To top it off, there was a lot of speculation of getting to see the Titanic in real life, which is now tucked away at the bottom of the sea- and this has not become a reality as you can see it for yourself after buying yourself a ticket worth $60,000 to see the ruins of the Titanic under the ocean!

Bluefish, which is a luxury concierge company that is based in L.A., has been the first to offer an expedition to the underwater site of the Titanic in the North Atlantic Sea way back in 2002.  There were only eight people who visited the site between the years 2002-2006 and after that the worldwide recession put a brake on luxurious expenditure.  As Steve Sims, the founder of Bluefish has rightly said: “The recession hit and everything went to pot.”  However, as the market has gradually picked up, the trips to the Titanic are finally back and Bluefish has been accepting fresh booking for the current year.

The ticket which is actually priced at $59,680 would secure you a seat on deep-sea submersible that would bring you under the sea to see the Titanic shipwreck, apart from the meals, accommodations, briefings and lectures on board and at port of departure.  The ship that would take you to the shipwreck is the Akademik Keldysh which is owned and managed by the Shirshov Institute of Oceanology, Moscow.

There are only 20 spots that are available on-board the ship and the money earned from the tickets would go towards paying for the costs incurred by the Shirshov Institute’s scientific research.   Already, there have been more than 300 inquiries for serious prospective customers who wish to make a trip and around four trips have already been booked so far.

The passengers after having booked their spots would be required to fly down to Newfoundland and spend a couple of days at sea.  They would only be able to visit the shipwreck site in submersibles 12,465 feet underwater when the weather conditions are favorable.   Each Russian MI submersible would be able to contain two passengers and one pilot for a trip that lasts between 11-12 hours.  The external lights of the submersible would help the divers to see the various features of the great Titanic as well as some personal items like shoes and bags.  

Being able to go and see a legendary and formidable ship that was doomed is actually the most incredible part of this entire deep sea expedition that makes every penny worth spent!

xoxo LLD

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