July 13, 2013

Red Rock Casino Resort Spa Las Vegas

In Vegas, you hear a lot about gambling. Make no mistake, Red Rock Casino Resort Spa Las Vegas spins the dice just fine. But in the desert, pool culture is king — and Red Rock reigns supreme.

Time tends to become irrelevant in Las Vegas. Most come for just a few days, and sleep very little - if at all. At Red Rock Casino Resort Spa Las Vegas, the 24-hour lifestyle is made easy. Spend the evening in the casino, trying your luck at craps, roulette, and blackjack; then dive deep into the night (let's be honest, morning) at one of two lunges: Onyx and Lucky Bar.

You'll need to find your way to your room at some point for a change of clothes and a quick shower. Make sure you remember your path, as this sprawling palace of sin offers over 800 rooms and suites. After you've fixed up your exterior, head to the hotel's pool for a relaxing - wait - is that a DJ? Yep. Poolside on the weekend is no place for curling up and being antisocial, so grab a Mojito and shimmy into the fray.

When your constitution finally cries out for food, you'll be in luck. Red Rock offers everything from Japanese and Mexican, to gourmet burgers and bone-in steaks.

Some of the most impressive suites in Vegas. If you've had your share of the bustling Las Vegas strip, stay at Red Rock.

xoxo LLD

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