July 11, 2013

Nygard Cay Beach Resort- Most Expensive in the World

No place can beat the ambiance of the Bahamas when it comes to spending your private moments with family and friends. New Providence in Bahamas is home to Peter Nygard’s,  Nygard Cay Beach Resort.  This vacation rental comes at a princely sum of $42,000 for a week and offers the luxury of being in one of the most desirable locations in the world.

Quiet coves and quiet beaches the Bahamas offer visitors the most intimate moments of almost heavenly space, which represents about 700 palm islands. Baptized by Columbus as – baja mar (meaning “shallow water”), this island with its stunning color shades of sand and sea, which involves space Color range from turquoise to pink sparkling rose, are a real mirror of the Caribbean. Crystal clear water nad kept secret of ancient shipwrecks and coral reefs colors of the rainbow.

For those desirous of visiting the Nygard Cay Beach Resort, private limousine and Hummer transfer is available from Nassau International Airport. Perhaps, the words of Robin Leach of Lifestyle of Rich and Famous are apt to describe the Nygard Cay Beach Resort. Robin describes the Nygard Cay Beach Resort as the most unusual villa rental.

Another unique thing that makes the Nygard Cay Beach Resort exclusive is the fact that Peter Nygard, the Canadian owner of this resort has a privately owned Boeing 727. The same is available to pick up groups of tourists from any part of the world, if a request for the same is made.

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