July 17, 2013

Enjoying A Luxurious Multisensorial Experience With The Loop Shower

As summer glows down on earthlings, there is a mad rush for innovative cooling techniques. Despite all the heat, it is also the season that sees a large number of people buckle up for outdoor adventures. But having said that, what’s the point of hitting Canadian lakes or Alpine resorts, when the cooling effect could be created, right here in your backyard? Presenting an exciting variant to the already enriched list of luxury outdoor showers, Idiha brings their latest multi-sensory design-the Loop. 

The shower system packs onto itself a plethora of optional functions. So, what you have in return is a great piece that makes for an amazing experience. The shower’s contours have drawn inspiration from the motions of waves. Designed by Diego Granese, the Loop re-defines outdoor shower systems. And the best part is, it can be parked anywhere on your property, at the backyard or within the four walls.

So while the Loop may not be the only outdoor shower system to try your hands at this summer, it is certainly one worth considering.

xoxo LLD

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