July 6, 2013

$53 million Rolling Hills Estate

Fabulous homes are always better if they are located in California. One such remarkable residence can be found in Rolling Hills, one of the wealthiest places in America. The property is part of a gated community with 24-hour surveillance and excellent security systems, including breach sensors and multiple cameras.

In this safe haven the atmosphere is tranquil and serene. The main residence is surrounded by perfectly manicured lawns, beautiful wild flowers, various aromatic herbs, a rose garden, and orchards with 24 different nut and fruit trees. The property is decorated with marble fountains for an absolute picture-perfect environment.

The mansion has a whopping 50,000 square feet of space to offer, including 9 bedrooms and 25 bathrooms (!). Grand events can be easily hosted on the estate, because the ballroom is large enough to host 350 guests as well as an orchestra.

 Relaxation is also possible here, the residence boasting an underground Moroccan hammam.

xoxo LLD

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