July 13, 2013

World's largest building' opens in China

The largest man-made structure in the world has opened in China's Sichuan province, housing hotels, offices, a beach resort and an artificial sun. Capable of housing 20 Sydney Opera Houses or three Pentagons in its staggering 1.7 million square-metre interior the New Century Global Centre in Chengdu opened its doors on 1 July 2013. 

The colossal 18-storey glass and steel superstructure has a wavy roof and is built above a new metro station. The building is 500 metres long, 400 metres wide and stands 100 metres high. A 65 metre-high lobby covering 10,000 square metres greets visitors as they enter the centre. Visitors will then find the Paradise Island Oceanic Park, with a 400 metre sandy beach and the world's largest indoor LED screen that projects images of seascapes and horizons.

There is also one of China's largest shopping malls, a 14-screen Imax cinema, an Olympic-sized ice rink, two five-star hotels and a central business tower with 720,000 square metres of office space.

According to the promotional video distributed by GoChengdoo.com, the New Century Global Center is "themed with a comprehensive and profound oceanic culture and inspired by the design concept of sailing seagulls and undulating waves."

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