July 14, 2013

Luxury Yacht CUBE

Newcruise is pleased to introduce one of its latest superyacht designs, the gentleman commuter CUBE. Luxury motor yacht CUBE  measures 75 metres and is intended for a gentleman owner, seeking a strong yacht with a classic yet unusual look.

Straight and clean shapes dominate the appearance of the CUBE  yacht concept, which is underlined by minimising the need for the addition of extra details, such as guardrails on top of the bulwarks.

When boarding the CUBE superyacht the guest passes a large 4.5m x 3.0m mosaic clad pool and reach a lounge and lobby area, with a cool and relaxed atmosphere, benefiting from the waterfall of the pool and a large bar. A similar tank is forming the aft end of the owners deck above, where you find a bar and space to lounge in the sun. The upper forward sundeck terrace could be converted relatively easy into a helipad should a client feel the need for such an installation. Below and before the bridge windows is another large terrace located. An automatic screen allows for privacy. This area will be predominantly used while at anchor or in port when visibility through the forward bridge windows is not required and the need for a more secluded space than the aft main deck arises.

xoxo LLD

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