July 26, 2013

Capella Ixtapa, Mexico

On the Pacific Coast of Mexico, 100 miles north of Acapulco, is the breathtaking Capella Ixtapa resort. Constructed on a cliff side overlooking the ocean, Capella Ixtapa is a true tropical wonderland. With 59 stunning rooms, the resort offers complete modern comfort and luxury, and caters to your every desire.

From the moment you arrive at this luxury resort, you will be immersed in the Capella Ixtapa experience. An open-air reception area welcomes you and warm breezes from the Pacific Ocean soothe you immediately, transitioning you to the extraordinary adventure of a vacation at Capella Ixtapa.

At Capella Ixtapa you will notice the wonderful intermingling of modern and traditional Mexican touches. The texture of handmade clay and stone meets sleek marble and polished hardwoods. This method of construction, honoring the vast heritage of our locale in a cosmopolitan way, has become a Capella Resort trademark.

Each of resort suites features a master bedroom, living area and a private terrace with plenty of space to take in the sights of coastal Mexican living. Secluded in a corner of the terrace are infinity edge plunge pools, ideal for romance or refreshment. Inside your Ixtapa suite, the modern digital world blends together with the comforts of home, all set along side a stunning view. All of the accommodations at Capella Ixtapa face the Pacific, giving every guest at this luxury resort a spectacular view of the ocean. From fine linen on your bed to the sun and the stars overhead, the rich Mexican heritage is showcased. Nothing has been overlooked when you stay at Capella Ixtapa.

For your Mexico vacation, luxury spa in Ixtapa takes full advantage of Ixtapa's legendary powers of rejuvenation. Outdoor treatment areas at Capella Ixtapa make use of locally inspired therapies, all steps away from the beauty of the Pacific Ocean. From native herbs to signature specialties, spa resort in Mexico is an experience in a class all its own.

Capella Ixtapa takes the idea of private, romantic restaurants in Ixtapa to the next level of sophistication, with Zihuatanejo restaurants that feature inventive cuisine for every palate. A gourmet restaurant, featuring contemporary spins on traditional Mexican dishes and a casual terrace bar. A secluded cliffside restaurant is ideal for couples looking to connect. There's even a tequila room complete with a Maestro Tequilero, who will teach you everything there is to know about this Mexican specialty.

Capella Ixtapa, is a private world of splendor paired with unparalleled luxury, where crowds are left miles away. It is a place to let your hair down, to turn off your phone and turn on yourself. It is a luxury Mexico retreat where getting away from it all reveals a bounty of unsurpassed beauty.

xoxo LLD

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