April 14, 2013

Top 5 Luxury Cruisers

Almost all kinds of fun that you can imagine on the land (3-D movies, theater, gambling ...) are available in the most luxurious cruisers who cruise the world's oceans. Despite the accidents that have occurred in recent years, cruise ships and yacht industry is currently developing rapidly, and experts predict that by 2017. the luxury of this type will use 23.7 million people in the world. Luxury Life Design will present you some of the biggest, most expensive, most luxurious and fun giant ships on which guaranteed an unforgettable summer.

 1. "Allure of the Seas"

As the largest ship at sea, of 225,282 tons and a capacity of 6360 passengers, this giant is a small town on the water. Rooms and suites are arranged on a 16 passenger decks, and despite the attractive locations of the cruise ship visits, like Florida and the Caribbean, some travelers do not leave the ship.

Given that there is an ice rink on board, surf simulators, cable cars, walls hiking, shopping centers, cinemas and theaters 3D, everything you need to enjoy is at your fingertips. In addition to all this, it is a handful of restaurants and bars.

2. "Queen Mary 2"

While not the newest ship, since it was first launched in the 2004th , the "Queen Mary" is still one of the largest in the world. Transatlantic cruise ship has a capacity of 2620 people and 1253 crew members. On it there are five swimming pools and 15 restaurants.

Duplex apartments have a separate gym, balconies and butlers. At the Queen's decks can visit the only floating planetarium, as well as a casino, tennis courts, library provided, theaters and dance halls.

The construction of the Queen Mary's costed about $ 900 million.

3. "Norwegian Breakaway"

The newest ship from NCL Group will become the largest cruise ship officially when its launched in May this year. Boat capacity is 4,000 people who require constant attention and entertainment. On this giant passengers will be able to enjoy three Broadway plays. When they get tired of the complete three-store water park and sports complex, they can always play a game of golf, basketball or free to practice climbing artificial rock.

4. "Disney Fantasy"

Disney's newest ship is the most extravagant until now, which is not surprising because it is designed to host kids and their parents who want their share of entertainment throughout the cruise. In addition to 3D cinema and a eight different pools, one of which is "Aquaduck" water rolerkoster, parents will be able to leave the little ones to have fun and go relax and rest in a wide range of restaurants and clubs.

 5. "Seabourn Odyssey"

Although much smaller than most of these cruise ships, Odysseus is renowned for impeccable service, and so on almost every traveler has its own crew member at service. In accordance with the relaxing atmosphere that travelers seek payment when the cruise ship, the deck is relaxing spas, golf courses and swimming pools. After the massage, you can enjoy kayaking, water skiing and other activities.

With the ship in enclosed space that is provided for safe swimming in the ocean for 225 guest suites, and the most luxurious suites have private solarium.

Bon Voyage!

xoxo LLD

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