April 7, 2013

Diamond Fire Glass

If you enjoy snuggling up in front of the fireplace or fire pit but are less thrilled with the ashes, smoke and odor, an elegant alternative to firewood and gas logs exists. Fire glass produces more heat than real wood, and is also environmentally friendly.

There is no smoke, it’s adorable and doesn’t produce ash. You are able to stay toasty warm without cutting down trees and the specially formulated glass crystals give off no toxic deposit.

The flame is part of a gas burner system that is similar to a gas log set up. Only instead of putting ceramic logs on top of a gas burner, you cover it with glass crystals.

Whether by the sun’s reflection shining against the fire glass outdoors or the evening’s firelight flickering across the crystals’ edges creating a romantic and elegant ambiance, fire glass has forever changed the look of fireplaces and fire pits.

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