April 19, 2013

Severe Gustus Italy – Italian Luxury

Italian luxury brand “Severe Gusts Italy” was founded in 2011 by Simone Iodice. It means “strong gusts of wind”, a term that we can hear in weather reports in the French Navy. The idea of Severe Gusts Italy brand came originally from Simon’s wish to satisfy woman need for accessories and more important BAGS! All bags are made in Italy from genuine Italian leather.

Severe Gusts brand is aiming to luxury, but that does not mean that the products are expensive and that is priority for Simone, who is designer and coordinator for the brand.

In just four months “Severe Gusts Italy” has become an icon on the world wide web, attracting many people and traders who by the products for best Italian boutiques. Now you can find this beautiful bags in more than 30 luxury boutiques all over the world.

If you want to become owner of one of those amazing bags, you can visit their web page

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