February 27, 2013


Circuit design of the 30-ies last century and the modern era of technological solutions are basically Faber. Quality is imperative in the development of Faber's, and special attention to detail. Triumph of crafts, art and creating quality woven into all aspects of Faber make it a car that is inherited. Faber Series and will be sold only 11 copies!

Dragan Pavlovic (constructor) worked on the car for eight years, thus realizing an idea that originated in the blacksmith shop of his grandfather ...

It reaches a top speed of 230 kilometers per hour, and it is a triumph of the craft of making - said Dragan Pavlovic constructor. The car is made ​​of polyester and stainless steel, has a Michelin tires. Instrument panel is made ​​of wood, and the roof may be necessary to open up. The seats are upholstered in leather. Everything is made in Serbia, only the engine is 'Mercedes' -C class 

 Luxury Life Design presents you this incredible car from Serbia. Enjoy it!

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