January 8, 2014

Inside a secret $150 million megamansion

Entrance gates bearing similarity to a fortress create an aura of anticipation around the mega home which is being billed as an exclusive property in America. However, not much is known about the owner of this property which is located in Los Angeles.

The 42,000 square feet home has five buildings, 28 bedrooms, around 36 bathrooms and a swimming pool that offers exclusive views of what lies beyond in Los Angeles. At any given time, around 24 cars can be parked in this property. The house has been designed by Sue Firestone and the designer is visibly excited with what he has been able to create.

The exclusivity of the property can be guessed from the fact that one of the carpets which has been used in the bedroom has exclusivity rights and the design can never be copied. The owner rarely visits the home and the property has now been put up for auction for a breathtaking price of $150 million USD.

CNBC cameras were granted exclusive access to tour this luxury compound, but for privacy and security reasons, they can’t reveal the owner or the exact location in Los Angeles.

Watch CBC video here:


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