January 20, 2014

Luxury Yacht "Life Saga"

Luxury Yacht "Life Saga" was recently given a complete refit by Pastrovich Studio. Instead of simply giving it a new look by bringing in new flooring and furniture, the company drew from the 5th century for inspiration and gave "Life Saga"…well, a new life. 

Known as the "ideal city," the 5th century represented geometric design and medieval tradition. With floor plans based on grids and the experimentation with perspective, this time period had a huge impact on future architecture.

Life Saga's main salon and dining room is a direct response to the "geometrical rules invented during" this time, divided into 12 equal sectors of 30 degrees. Each sector either hides or reveals the exterior ocean view. Wanting to connect the interior with the exterior, the design team brought in glass doors and used partitions to give the illusion of greater space and volume. With so many different areas onboard, some partially enclosed by a circular wall, the yacht's interior looks more like a home.

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