January 4, 2014

Super Luxury Apartment with suite sky garage!

Wealthy car owners in Singapore often have it all – a jet-set lifestyle, leggy admirers, plenty of cold, hard cash – but one commodity they often lack in the island country is somewhere to park their supercars. Singapore’s luxury high-rise apartment building, the Hamilton Scott boasts apartments that welcome its owners with their own car porch in the sky. Featuring unique ‘En Suite Sky Garages’ that impressively uses a biometrically-controlled elevator to deliver and park cars right beside homeowners’ lavish living spaces. 

In a city where car parking space is severely limited, Singapore’s superfluous supercar owners think the expense is worth it, allowing them to keep a watchful gaze over their pricey rides, with the bonus of being able to admire them–and have their guests admire them–from the comfort of the living area.

The 56-unit building features a glass elevator shaft that lifts cars into condo units and parks then, behind a glass wall, right next to living room.

Besides the En Suite Sky Garages, the Hamilton Scott building offers other standard features including, a state-of-the-art gym, meeting rooms, Jacuzzis and an outdoor pool.

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