January 19, 2014

$1 million watch made of Chondrite meteorite from an asteroid belt between Jupiter and Mars

Swiss watch manufaturer Richard Mille collaborated with French jewelry house Boucheron in coming up with a watch made from meteorite garments and other earth rocks. There are only 30 of these RM-018 Tourbillon wristwatches with a $1 million price tag. It is made of chondrite meteorite from an asteroid belt between Jupiter and Mars. 

“It had to have elements of high jewelry to be Boucheron, but Richard [Mille] is all about engineering and pushing boundaries. Richard wanted to twist it, turn it on its head, so he used beautiful stones, precious jewels. … on the inside,” stated Richard Mille spokeswoman Laura Hughes.

The watch boasts of jewels that are clear and eight times more scratch-proof than stainless steel, the rest of the case is made from 18-karat white gold and the straps are made of natural leather.

The majority of the watches come with rubber strap which offers comfort at its best.

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