October 14, 2013

The Country of Colorado Presents You This Unforgettable Residence from the Dreams!

This rare and incomparable residence is located in the city of Denver, Colorado (USA). The residence includes domains like pool, hot tubs, botanic gardens and patios, wine room, a multi-island kitchen, dining area, media room, a fireplace and many plenty of other places. Designed in a classical French style, with creatively made shelves and dented wardrobes, the wine room is the place where hundreds of wines are stored and ready to be served for daily and special occasions.
One of the bathrooms is designed to have a covered hot tube that looks really intimate and comfortable. It has a sink with a perfect mirror above. The closet is huge and very practical, having enough space to gather all the favorite pieces of clothes and shoes owners wear. There is an additional element with drawers in the middle and this room mainly looks like a boutique.

You will probably love one of the living rooms, where the walls are covered with finest wooden elements combined with a comfortable sofa. The nice smooth ceiling joined with romantic lights, is the right combination for a soft ambient and feeling of warmth and comfort. For additional comfort, there is also a large room for massage.

The room that surely has a spirit of elegance and it’s a combination of the modern and the classical, is the office. It’s a huge space that has huge windows, a personal library, a TV Set, leather armchairs and a working desk. There is also a huge fireplace. An important accent is put on the ceiling that is made out of carved wooden material that looks really fine.

Created in an old style that has a touch of the fairytales, the kitchen is represented by a huge space equipped with all of the needed elements. The perfect place for preparing some traditional cuisine.  One of the guest rooms made in stone has a huge fireplace. It has big chandelier above and also a large clock. This is where time passes slowly, in the long talks around the fireplace and the magnificent view from the large windows.

Made in the Ancient Rome style, you will be delighted to use another of the bathrooms, created in three attached parts. Each of them has a different purpose. Starting from the first one, which is the sink, the second-which is represented by a nice tub, and the last one-which is a place for making people’s hair or their make up for special night outs.

The bathrooms are huge where mainly prevail wooden elements (especially in parts of the furniture), have also expensive chandeliers and huge beds for a good rest. Each of the bedrooms possesses a personal bathroom.

The special bar where you can be served with the finest drinks is a bigger space that has a huge window from where you will be able to enjoy the beauty of the area.
Artistic frames, art galleries and expensive chandeliers mainly can be found in the halls and through the stairways of the house.

In the end, you would love to have a walk in the beautiful natural area full of romance, or simply sit by the pool, especially at night, when everything seems to be more magical.
Enjoy the gallery!

Author: Betty M.

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