October 10, 2013

Mandarin Oriental Pudong Hotel - the Number One Position in the World of Hotel Business!

Settled along the bank of the river called Huangpu, the Mandarin Oriental Pudong Hotel is a real masterpiece. It has 362 rooms and stunning views over the city of Lujiazui. The finest part about the whole story connected to this luxury hotel is the spa room staggering 2,415sqm space and designed in the shape of a butterfly,. The hotel and the service provide the guests with famous Mandarin Oriental therapies and treatments. Many other Chinese techniques for body’s treatment are also included: a bath with mulberry and jasmine, foot reflexology and a special massage treatment. 

For all those who care about their fit body and the good physical shape, there is a fitness center that also has a long pool for swimming. The prize for a person is $585 per night. The rooms have gold and teal décor, finest furniture, piano bars, iPod docks. The bathrooms have giant cereal bath tubs and offer the perfect relaxation.

The hotel’s largest room is the nearly 800 square meters presidential suit that has two garden terraces covered in glass and accompanied by rocks and small rivers. There is also a steam room and sauna with a personal sports center. 

Elegant elements like comfortable beds, expensive lamps and coffee tables are part of the rooms. With floor-to-ceiling windows in every room, the views of Shanghai’s futuristic cityscapes range from the stimulating to the iconic. The large windows will take you to an unforgettable journey over the city, especially at night when millions of light shine like they are the stars.

As a guest you will be interested about the food service too. Well, the Chinese restaurant mainly is focused on the cuisines from Shanghai and neighboring Jiangsu and Zhejiang. For all those who prefer French food, they can enjoy the stunning recipes by the famous and award-wining chef Richard Ekkebus. After lunch you are invited the nicely designed drink bar. The structure is made out of glass and metal and the bar also has a garden terrace located between the two skyscrapers of the city. All sorts of Champaign, fruit cocktails and liqueur, vodka and other can be found on the menu. The hotel has a luxury and a comfortable rest area with a library for all those who want to relax for a bit.

To conclude, the hotel has six restaurants and bars on your service. And for all those artistic mates out there-the hotel possesses over 4,000 thousand artworks published in the public area, and in the private rooms as well. There are also around 40 specially created ceramics, for the needs of the hotel décor, and made by the famous sculptor Lai De Quan.

The perfect place for all those who seek comfort, adventure and the perfect spa!

Author: Betty M.

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