October 21, 2013

The Flow Spa Jacuzzi - Luxurious Icon of Design

Enlarging the already humongous array of state of the art Jacuzzis that have been launched throughout recent times, Daniel Libeskind has come up with the Flow Spa Jacuzzi. Mind you, the guy hasn’t only “enlarged” this field, he has just gifted it with a lot more exclusivity. The one off series of bathroom fixtures sports a circular base and a series of graceful twists that tie the base of the Jacuzzi with its mouth, shaped like a rectangular.

Furthermore, following the tradition of Daniel Libeskind, the Flow Spa Jacuzzi is able to duplicate and project the personalities of its users. The design itself is a proof to Libeskind’s signature and creativity, putting together two rather different concepts – culture and design. In the end, apart from looking excellently nice, the Flow Spa is an amenity that’ll make your life easier and more pleasurable.

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