October 7, 2013

Swarovski studded Baby Bathtub

All parents want to splurge on the best of things available for their kids, but not everyone is lucky enough to afford the most expensive items for their toddlers. On the other hand, it is not a big deal for those who can spend on a 24-karat gold horse worth $1.28 million or a Swarovski-studded toilet seat that costs $353,975! And for such people, designer Lori Gardner has designed a Swarovski-studded Baby Bathtub with uber-rich kids in mind.

The 3,000lb porcelain tub is studded with 44,928 crystals that Californian interior designer Lori Gardner spent more than two months applying by hand.

But before you scoff at the expense, Gardner insists her baths continue to have a practical role long after they’ve been outgrown by the baby. She suggests that the sparkling tub be used for bathing a pet or to keep beers cool at a party.

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