October 25, 2013

Luxurious Hotel in Morocco Where You Will be Treated like Royalty

The name of this luxury hotel, whose look was inspired by the great palaces of the royal family, is Palais Namaskar and is located in Morocco. Its splendor is made by the big gold domes, richly equipped rooms, wide verandahs and huge pools. The staff of the hotel is specially trained and concerns with respect to the guests treating them all like special guests. In this hotel every visitor is treated like royalty. 

The architect Imaad Rahmouni has made a real deal from the building materials and the owner Philippe Soulier can take the credits for the luxurious surroundings all over the place of 50 000 sq. meters. Feng Shui rules are those that dictate the way of arranging all at the hotel.

Golf course on the Atlas Mountain is offering another way to spend a beautiful day in Marrakech's revered Palmeraie region. Gastronomic diversity (French cuisine combined with Moroccan) is specific for the kitchen so you can have a numerous specialty offer to choose what to have for lunch or dinner. So you can choose while you’ll go to gourmet restaurant, or have a cup of tea at tea lounge, or enjoy the exceptional panoramic bar. And the place of having the dinner or lunch is by your wish: in your apartment, in the garden like on picnic, by the pool…the choice is all yours!

Relax swimming in the pool is a blessing at long summer days spent here, amazing spa and wellness, massages treatments are cure for every soul that have comed here in Morocco, and romantic fireplace is an unforgettable touch of the nights. 

The nature has given all to this place to- the Atlas Mountains and Djebilet Hills are magnificent neighbors of the palais and a perfect place to hide away of the world for a couple sightseeing.

Overnight cost from 650 to 2,200 dollars. 

Author: Betty M.

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