October 22, 2013

Thailand’s Brand and Spa Resort Invites you to a Pleasure ‘Without End’!

Anantara means 'without end', symbolizing this hospitable sharing of water. Anantara’s brand symbol of two water jugs has roots in ancient Sanskrit. For hundreds of years in Thailand, people would leave a jar of water outside their house to provide refreshment and extend a welcome to the passing traveler. 

The first Anantara resort opened in 2001. A team of designers from different places transformed the pre-existing property into the first Anantara. The interior and exterior designs were modeled on a traditional Thai village. The resort included Thai cooking courses, a weekly onsite floating market and instruction in traditional Thai kickboxing. Late 2008 saw the opening of Anantara Phuket in Thailand, the all-villas.

This is the place where you will love to wake up. The place that offers comfort and luxury at a same time, beautiful palm trees and beaches from Heaven! Except the welcoming spirit, you will also enjoy the area that posses beautiful bar, hammocks, amazing pools that are attached to the natural water resources and the perfect treatment for your body, mind as well.

The exterior design of the buildings marks the national spirit and is made out of the fines stone materials, representing the idea of having close relationship with the outside natural area. Small casitas that include dining table and chairs are settled right on the lovely white sand at the beach area. They will awake your spirit of romance and will guide you into the nights where magic is all around. Other smaller pools in different shapes combined with unique tents and comfortable sitting area with high quality leather seats invite the guests to admire the outdoor area in every second of the day.
The place is the perfect one to ask your partner to get married with you! The romantic candle lights and lanterns are practically everywhere and accompanied with all those sweet dining corners, offer the very unique way of expressing your love to someone.

The interior of the rooms is decorated in the national sprit of the country, still giving the kind of feeling that is unique and easily accommodates the guests, no matter where do they come from.
Hot tubs made out of high quality stone are part of the rooms. You will love every minute spent inside. Fresh tones on the walls and nice decorative elements that don’t bother, accent the remarkable taste that the designers have decided to put into each space. All the rooms are air-conditioned and provide the perfect comfort.

We invite you to have a look because this might be your very next destination for travel!

Author: Betty M.

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