October 12, 2013

The World's First Platinum Shoes!

Bespoke jeweler The House of Borgezie has unveiled the Borgezie platinum ‘Cleopatra’ stiletto, the first time anyone has made a pair of shoes from solid platinum. Their price? £70,000 ($109,700) The Cleopatra took over four years to develop due to the high temperatures and complex techniques required to work with platinum according to designer Christopher Shellis.

Featuring a stunning lily stamen heel detail, as well as replacable heel and sole caps, the shoes are also available in 18ct yellow or white gold, which come in at a more affordable £60,000 ($93,500).

Platinum is a material well known for its weight as well as its astronomical cost, so you can expect the shoes to give your calves a pretty good work out, but we don’t imagine many of the women who’ll be wearing these will be running for the bus anytime soon.

Despite the eye-watering price-tag, they’re not the world’s most expensive stilettos by far. Shoemaker Stuart Weitzman created a pair of ‘Rita Hayworth’ shoes worth $3,000,000 which featured sapphires, rubies and diamonds and were worn by Kathleen York at the 2006 Academy Awards.

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