November 1, 2013

The Sweetest Place Ever! A Combination of Romance, Natural Spirit and Elegance!

Settled between palm trees in the perfect greenish area, this villa is one real piece from the Heaven on this Earth. Having the ocean in the front and the perfectly blue sky it’s the right place to set your mind free. At the very front, on the bottom line, there is a long pool. The perfect place to spend the hot days in Indonesia! Beautiful trees and vases with flowers additionally make the entire outdoor area looking more natural and remarkable. 

Nearby the pool there is a sitting area with a table and chairs made from a bamboo. When you get into the living area you can easily notice the lovely and fresh colors on the furniture that create feelings of relaxation and joy. The furniture mostly is made out from the finest wood and is creative and comfortable. 

The built in lights and the creative chandeliers hang from above and enlighten the space during the romantic and lovely nights spent in this area. Many of the rooms are decorated in a way that symbolically represents the tropical spirit and the heart of the place itself. You would definitely love the hot tube filled with flower leaves and have a look at the most romantic view ever.

The bedrooms explicit the idea for relaxation, natural touch and simplicity and you will love the bathrooms filled with sweetness and romantic spirit.  There is also a bigger space that can be used as a gaming room for the younger in the family or meditation hours. 

Absolutely charming! We invite you to step in and relax a bit.

Author: Betty M.

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