November 12, 2013

Explore Italy and enjoy in Romantic Venice Hotel Cipriani and Palazzo Vendramin

The name of Venice associate at romance and ancient style that brings flashes of every gondola you have seen, every characteristic old Venice’s architecture you’ve meet, every movie that you’ve watched. The place itself brings a lot of romance with that all water around and small tables picking from the terraces full of flowers and authentic Italian food.  

“Venice is like eating an entire box of chocolate liqueurs in one go” 
Truman Capote

Here, we present you the Hotel Cipriani and Palazzo Vendramin that offers as much of Venice and Italy as you can take. First, the hotel is built in old Venetian style and exists half century near the peerless water and unforgettable view. Palladian Church of San Giorgio is right in front of your sight; San Marco Square is four minutes away, Doge’s Palace is there too among lovely city architecture which is everywhere!

The hotel has historic and contemporary touch that repeats at each of rooms and suites bringing luxurious details of old times like designs, materials, colors, fabrics, furniture and so on.  Original artwork of Canaletto and exquisite fabrics makes the walls of the hotel more exclusive. The most magical segment of the rooms has the window areas- they offer the most precious view at the lagoon, the gorgeous pool and the authentic terrace full of plants, sculptures and flowers.  

The most peaceful place here is the greenish Casanova garden where they offer soothing spa and tai chi, but also you can enjoy the wellness centre, swimming pool, tennis courts, wine bars and boutiques.

Romance is served by the water edge as a meal for two or on the poolside restaurant. So, here is the perfect place to have some time for love, romantic sightsee and totally relaxed vacation.

When you’ll make a plans for your next destination, don’t miss to consider about Hotel Cipriani and Palazzo Vendramin Venice, Italy.

Author: Betty M.

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