November 30, 2013

Ice Hotel the Glace that Last Just 3 Months a Year

This gorgeous masterpiece of unusual art design is located just by the city of Quebec in Canada. Because of its construction material – snow and ice blocks the capacity of lasting the hotel is just from the beginning of January to the end of March. The experience of staying in ice surroundings is probably the most exciting way to spend some days of your holiday vacation. 

The hotel offers thirty six rooms that can offer just normal commodity as in any other hotel: fire place, exotic decorations, bathrooms and even spa in your room. The hotel has amazingly stunning chapel where every year many excitement lovers say I DO. The huge reception and the famous Absolut ice bar are the most crowded party places in the whole hotel. Having a drink in ice glasses is real deal!  Those are the places where you can have unusual and very unique frozen wedding party. 

The entire hotel is one huge art gallery because of the numerous pieces of ice art stamped to the walls, furniture, posts and many decorative elements all over the place. 

Sleeping in hotel rooms is a different kind of excitement, sleeping on great iceberg over it wooden platform and mattress on top. That’s how you aren’t sleeping directly on the ice but on this way constructed bed and in warm arctic sleeping bag.  

The breakfast in the hotel is a real pleasure, especially when is served hot tea and coffee. The days you can fill with winter sports, dog sledding in the neighborhood, driving on the snow and looking for warmer place to spend next night.   

Every wall in Hotel the Glace is different, every room is unique, every experience is the same – memorable! 

Author: Betty M.

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