November 5, 2013

The Most Exotic Place on Earth - North Island Lodge!

Somewhere in 1609 an expedition by the sea traveler and explorer called Alexander Maier visited the island that had a large population of tortoises. The name of the island was known as North and this place that is still present on the Earth, is part of the 42 Seychelles inner islands. Hundred years later, the place became known for the production of fish oil, guano and copra.

Today the island is a private resort with renting villas; a real paradise for the visitors and idyllic scenery where the natural beauty and the spirit of the ocean attached their forces and became one. The resort includes a library where books with general topics can be found and also books with the history of the place and some additional information.

The boutique is the place known for the different souvenirs that can be bought and make your memories last longer. There is also a diving center for diving activities during the day. Other activities are also included. Here are few of them: cooking, mountain biking, kayaking, deep sea fishing and excursions.

For all those who love to enjoy the peace and the quite, they should go and visit the Island Piazza area. The place is known for the comfortable sun loungers and the dining area as being the perfect place for romantic evenings and unforgettable sunsets.

There are ten standard villas lined on the East Beach equipped and arranged to satisfy the needs of the guests and provide comfort and relaxation. Each of the villas posses a pool area and Jacuzzi tub at the outdoor area. With the sound of the waves and the gentle touch of the wind and the beautiful palm trees, you would never want to leave the place.

The interior of the villas has a romantic spirit that is highly expressed in parts of the furniture that is very comfortable too. The bathroom area is designed in a relaxing and tropical mood, with some traditional elements. You would enjoy every second spent in the hot tub combined with the romantic presence of the candles and fresh smells, and your loved ones of course.

Everything is designed with a sense for luxury and the high ceilings remind the guests of the traditional homes from this part of the world.   Bars and beautiful terraces where everything is made out of the finest wood, invite the guests to enjoy and admire the outdoor area, where everything is just perfect.

The perfect picture to the eye, and the finest relaxation for the mind! The place once in 2011 was the host of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge for their honeymoon.

You can be the next guests.

Author: Betty M.

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