March 9, 2013

PINK cars - A Rare but Enduring Concept

The obsession for exclusivity via various personal renderings even with high end vehicles, seem to be a continuing trend worldwide, which is showing no signs of slowing down anytime. Pink cars are rare. There are custom versions, of course. Of course, the most famous pink car is the pink Cadillac — more a phrase or concept than any specific real vehicle.

Bentley's World's Fastest Four-Seat Convertible

Designed in true Bentley style for those who accept no compromises, here’s the British luxury automaker’s latest, fastest and most thoughtfully-executed open-top performance flagship, the 2014 Continental GT Speed Convertible. This amazing car offers unrivaled luxury and refinement of a coupé yet transforms into a gorgeous open tourer at the touch of a button.

Chrome Pink Range Rover Mystère

Hamann is the next label which has put up its Chrome Pink edition of the luxury SUV at 2013 Geneva Auto Show. For those who have a fetish for the color pink, and that too with a mirror finish to bring in a glitzy appearance, the ‘Mystere’ edition seems like a must have.

The paintjob has indeed been a premier highlight of the Mystere, which adds lots of bling with the pink shade, thus adding a mirror effect and a very ‘barbie doll’ like feel to the overall aesthetics.

2013 Toyota Crown 

Toyota wants to change the Crown's stuffy image with pink paint, and hopefully attract more women drivers. Along with this, he approved this new pink color, something never before seen (or dreamed of) on a Crown. The prime motive, said the Toyota boss, was to mount a dramatic change in the image of the Crown.

 Pink Chrysler 300

Pink Ferrari

Pink Holden Torana TT36 Hatch

Holden today revived a famous Australian nameplate when it took the covers off a sensational show car called Torana TT36.

Think pink and drive safely <3 




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