March 14, 2013

Hotels with most beautiful terraces

When you are planing to go on vacation and you are about to make a decision about the accommodation, you are taking three priorities  about the hotel: the room, the facilities and the terrace.

 Take a pick of the following list of hotels with best private terraces and view.

 Pimalai Resort & Spa, Thailand

Imagine an idyllic island with lush greenery, the scent of exotic plants floating on the warm evening air and the clear waters of the Andaman Sea lapping a curve of pale golden sand.

St. Lucia, Island Resorts

St Lucia, Ladera

 Shangri-La Hotel, Paris

Who would not like to drink a morning coffee overlooking to the Eiffel Tower.The private terrace in this amazing hotel in Paris will allow you to feel like you are in some kind of dream.Spend romantic holiday with amazing view of the center of the city of light.

 MGM Grand – Skyline Terrace Suite Balcony

Stylish and modern the private terrace in MGM in Vegas will let you experience the once in a lifetime experience.You can basically spend your vacation on this amazing terrace.

 Corinthia Hotel, London

Have an amazing time sitting with your closest ones on the enchanting terrace in Corinthia in London  overlooking to the biggest London landmarks such as the London Eye and the epic Big Ben.

 Monastero Santa Ros, Italy

 Monastero is located in a tiny village called Conca dei Marini, in Italy. Landscaped with white rocks and fragrant flowers, there’s a hot tub and large infinity pool at the cliff’s edge on the lowest level. With so few guests at the boutique property, you can lounge in near seclusion on one of the many chairs or cushioned day beds strewn throughout the four tiers. 

Kasbah Tabelkoukt, Morocco 

Located on the top of a cliff overlooking the Atlantic, the Kasbah Tabelkoukt is a new building decorated in traditional Moroccan fashion.

Curtain Bluff Antigua

Stuccoed accommodations are filled with wicker and overlook the beach. The private suite will allow you to enjoy like a princ/princess with your own stuff that will serve your breakfast on the terrace.

Enjoy the view... 



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