March 27, 2013

Palais Namaskar - Luxury Hotel & Spa in Marrakech

Welcome  to Palais Namaskar… a place where even silence has harmony.

The Far Eastern philosophy of feng shui has influenced every detail of Palais Namaskar’s edge-of-Palmeraie palaces. Palais Namaskar, a member of the esteemed Leading Hotels of the World, brings together acres of tranquillity and impeccable hospitality to create the most enigmatic 5-star hotel retreat in Marrakech, Palais Namaskar is exclusively designed and built around consummate guest satisfaction.

 Palais Namaskar ranked hotel of the year 2013 in the world!

5 Star accommodation at Palais Namaskar hotel in Marrakech is a harmony of timeless elegance and extravagant personal space with exceptional views of mountains, lakes and scented gardens. The décor is a vibrant combination of Eastern-inspired architecture infusing Feng Shui principles with contemporary interior design.

The luxury villas offer private pools and dedicated outdoor areas, while the 5 star palaces also include private kitchens and butler services. Certain rooms and suites can also be merged to create customised living environments.

Luxury Palais Namaskar hotel and spa seeks to rejuvenate the body as completely as it refreshes the mind. Every aspect of the guest experience is guided by the revered principles of Feng Shui, channelling natural energies and rhythms to heal and revitalise from within.

Inventive dining is intrinsic to the Palais Namaskar experience. In addition to the gourmet restaurant, the elegant tea lounge and the exceptional panoramic bar, guests may dine wherever they like: enjoying a private picnic in the gardens, an intimate candle-lit meal by the lake, or with friends under the open sky on a private terrace.

Surrounded by nothing except breathtaking Marrakech panoramas while gazing straight up into the heavens, the hotel's No mad Bar is one of Palais Namaskar's finest treasures.

For even more memorable dining experiences, such as a traditional picnic laid out amongst scented Moroccan gardens or an intimate candle-lit dinner by an enchanting lakeside, the Palais Namaskar Hotel Guest Relations team expertly handles personal requests and special occasions.

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  1. I really like this amazing and beautiful images of luxury hotel and spa in marrakech. People easily like to prefer this type of hotel as tourist and visitor and get more enjoyment.



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