March 28, 2013

Ome - floating island homes

Donald Starkey Changes ‘The World’...In a project which is entirely different from the usual routine of the world renowned designer, Donald Starkey has announced his brand-new plans in collaboration with Atoll Floating Islands LLC.

The 32m in-diameter floating villa named the ‘Ome was designed in response to the demands of a UAE Resident; however the design team had bigger plans. The ‘Ome villa design is projected to change the state of The World - the luxurious Dubai archipelago - by providing a self-sustaining floating villa to aid maintenance and irrigation for island owners.

The configuration of the islands will be a dual deck format, which will be at least 32 meters in length. The lower deck will have the living spaces, totaling to around 1,400 square meters of living space. It will have facilities like the open air lounge, swimming pool, bar & dining area.

The upper deck will have 5 bedrooms and relaxation area for the owner of the island home. Since the basic concept has just been revealed as of now, the possibilities of change in design and bringing in new concept is enormous, which was relayed by Graham Henderson, the chief of Palmerstone.

Each Ome island-home will self-treat all its waste, and use renewable sources of energy to meet the requirements. With approximately 32,000 KW of energy production estimates, it would be safe to peg the figure equivalent to 6 large households’ energy needs. Now, that’s something which was never done before.

The cost to the owner is stated to be in excess of $22 million, but that’s only tentative, because the customizations and features will make them differ. But executives at Palmerstone say it will be lesser than building a super-yacht boat.

The first "Ome" construction will be offered as a turn-key project with completed finished, customized, high specification interiors for delivery in 2013/14.

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