March 20, 2013

Jumby Bay (Rosewood), Antigua

Jumby Bay Island is a 300-acre private enclave just two miles north of Antigua in the West Indies. A haven for naturalists, the island plays host to a variety of wildlife including sheep, the White Egret and the Blue Pelican. Pasture Beach, on the island's windward side, is a protected nesting site of the endangered Hawksbill Sea Turtle. Tropical foliage and pristine white beaches characterize this secluded all-inclusive Caribbean private island hideaway accessible only by boat from Antigua.

Jumby Bay has one of the most wonderful climates in the Caribbean. Little rainfall and warm tropical breezes and trade winds and an average temperate of about 81°F make Jumby Bay a true paradise.  The resort is situated between the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea.

The pools of Jumby Bay are a sparkling oasis of cool, refreshing enjoyment. Guests of Jumby Bay have access to pools for both swimming and lounging. Pool attendants see to every need, from providing sunblock and the latest novels to read to refreshing Jumby Bay amenities such as chilled towels, iced fruit and delicious homemade sorbet. For soothing sounds, iPods are offered poolside, pre-loaded with music.

The image of postcard perfection, the pristine white sands of Jumby Bay Beach lay on the western
side of the island at the edge of the gently lapping sapphire waters of the Caribbean Sea.

Jumby Bay is luxury and romantic hideaway. Perfect for honeymoon, where you can have romantic nights on the white sandy beaches.
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