November 19, 2013

Swarovski Christmas Star

With everything and everybody around gearing up for the festive season, this large Christmas tree placed annually in Rockefeller Center in mid-town Manhattan is also set to be crowned with the Swarovski Star.

The iconic Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree for 2013 spells Christmas in a grand way in New York.

Commemorating Swarovski’s decade long association with the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree, this dazzling star will be raised atop the 76-foot high, 47-foot wide Norway Spruce. Spreading out to 9 ½ feet in diameter, this gigantic ornament is made of 25,000 crystals, with 1,000,000 facets.

Weighing 550 pounds, it is composed of six outer and six smaller inner rays made of point-mounted shatter-proof glass. Strategically placed to enchace luminosity, the star will light up with 720 energy-efficient LED bulbs.

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